Sheet metals are employed in important sectors, such as carpentry, as well as in the realization of bent products. Companies dealing with pressing and laser cutting processes in the automotive and industrial/rural vehicles sectors use them, too. They are also applied to build shelving units, components of vending machines and machinery shells.

Flat sheets

from coil S235/S275/S355 or set S275/S355

lamiere-piane-1   lamiere-piane-2   lamiere-piane-3   lamiere-piane-4

Embossed or striated sheets

from 3 to 6 mm + boss

lamiere-bugnate-1   lamiere-bugnate-2   lamiere-bugnate-tab

Cold rolled flat sheets

Cold rolled flat sheets
from DD11 to DD14, from P01 to P11, from DC01 to DC06
prodotti-siderurgici-lamiere-decapate-1   lamiere-freddo-decapate-2
Flat pickled sheets
From S235JR to S355JR – high resistance (from S315MC to S500MC)
prodotti-siderurgici-lamiere-decapate-2   lamiere-freddo-decapate-1

Cold rolled coils and strips

From 0,35 al 6 mm thickness, cold rolled, pickled or galvanized from DX51D a DX56D to DC01+ZE a DC06+ZE

lamiere-nastri-1   lamiere-nastri-2   prodotti-siderurgici-lamiere-grecate-coils-1   prodotti-siderurgici-lamiere-grecate-coils-2   prodotti-siderurgici-lamiere-grecate-coils-3   prodotti-siderurgici-lamiere-grecate-coils-4

Corten/Hardox/SSAB sheets


lamiere-corten-1   lamiere-corten-2   lamiere-corten-3