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Fratubi S.r.l. was founded the 30th June 1970 thanks to the idea of Mr Fracassa Pietro, who installs its activity in Mandracchio, Ancona, in a humble shed, but in an undoubtedly stategic area for the future development of the company itself.

The Company commercializes iron, both in bulk and retail, in particular pipes, pipelines and iron-plates.

From the beginning Fratubi S.r.l. made a name for itself drawing up commercial accords with important pipe mills for the purchase of material, which permitted to the Company to keep a competitive position.

Today Fratubi S.r.l. had the great opportunity of widening its plant by the transfer on via Einaudi 24/A, in a new industrial building, built in respect of its present necessities.
After a 33 years activity, the targets are the rise in selling volumes and in the number of commercialized products, the expansion of the structure, the augmentation of the commercial relations with international companies, and in particular the reliability demonstrated with the customers and the suppliers in the search of a high quality service.

Among the targets for the near future, Fratubi s.r.l. intends to increase the commercial network with small, medium and big enterprises working in regional and national area.

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