Expanded and Perforated Sheet Metal


In recent years, the latest development in the use of sheet metal is related to the creation of architectural and even structural elements, sometimes made from expanded metal or perforated sheets.

Architects and designers have started to use this particular type of covering more and more often in new and innovative construction works.
Available in standard or customised formats according to the customer’s needs, expanded and perforated sheet metal can also be used for fences. In this case, we can sometimes also supply the panel support frame and fence posts, when they are needed for special orders as they need to be made according to the customer’s needs.


Expanded sheet metal is produced with staggered cuts and no production waste. Thanks to its three-dimensionality, it offers multiple configuration possibilities and, depending on the angle, the visual effect changes. The meshes can be triangular or hexagonal, large, medium or small for multiple uses in architecture, or even very small for the production of filters.
The expansion of the sheet metal makes the flat product more robust and allows it to be used for solar shading, fencing, as well as wall and ceiling cladding.

Available in rolls, coils or sheets:

  • Raw iron expanded sheet metal
  • Cold-dip or hot-dip galvanized iron expanded sheet metal
  • Galvanized iron expanded sheet metal, pre-painted with the colour of your choice
  • Aluminium expanded sheet metal, unfinished or painted
  • Stainless steel expanded sheet metal
  • Steps and landings in full compliance with the latest regulations


Sheet metal including uniform and evenly spaced perforations. It is widely used in carpentry and architecture for the creation of façades, external structures or shading panels. Thanks to their flexibility, they are perfect for the creation of creative elements for walls or protective structures.
This product finds an important use in interior architecture and furniture because it is possible to create fascinating light effects through the perforation holes.

Holes are prevalently round and square shaped but there are also other types of perforation holes.

  • Raw steel perforated sheet metal
  • Galvanized perforated sheet metal
  • Stainless steel perforated steel sheet