As support to the hot-rolled galvanized carpentry sector, our product range also features clamps used for the assembly of galvanized pipes.

These smart connection systems are made of iron and hot-rolled galvanized and complete with relative galvanized bolts. They are still used in the zootechnical sector (greenhouses, stables) and are becoming increasingly popular in the sector of dismountable structural work, small structures (canopies, roofs, small storage areas) and finishing work on fences such as the construction of gates, small gates, and counter poles. In recent years, carpentry clamps are marking an important development in the DIY sector as they make it easy and practical to assemble pipework, without having to weld the material, with all the complications this entails. Clamps streamline the fabrication process, allowing hot-rolled galvanized material to be used directly, with the possibility of disassembling the fabricated work and reassembling it where and when deemed appropriate. This also allows considerable savings on material purchase costs and construction time. For these products, we are able carry out shipments throughout Italy and also abroad, by employing express partner couriers and with delivery from 24 hours to three days from the order date.