Pipes, Sections, Sheet Metal and Steel Products

We offer a wide range of products, used in many industries such as mechanical, industrial, civil and naval engineering. We support the building and plant engineering sector and also the petrochemical as well as gas and oil industries. We supply companies in the furniture and decoration sector and even those in the agricultural one.

Our strength lies in our ability to meet all processing needs and in owning a warehouse that allows us to provide goods that are immediately available or otherwise quickly available, for timely and efficient orders.

These include round, square and rectangular pipes and they are available in raw stell, hot and cold-dip galvanized using the Sendzimir method and pickled for furnishing.

We have an important flat products division, and we can offer embossed or checker sheets, cold-dip galvanized, pickled and unfinished ones as well. Coils and strips are also available. Furthermore, in order to meet the artistic requirements of architects and designers, we also offer sheets in Corten steel.

Merchant bars are available in different shapes: flat, square, angular, L-shaped, T-shaped, special UPN and UPS (which are named according to their specific shape). Beams, on the other hand, can be classified according to the thickness of the flange and the web. They include ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘M’ beams. It has become a strategic sector for the construction of civil and industrial structural steelwork with high seismic performance and sustainability.

We offer both welded and seamless hoses for water and gas installations all API 5L, ASTM/ASME and EN standards compliant. They are widely used in gas, air, water and petrochemical plants. The range also includes painted and coated hoses for fire protection or underground systems.

Systems used for roofing sheds, warehouses and canopies of all kinds and sizes.


Expanded and perforated sheet metal complete our wide range of sheet metal. All available in raw iron, hot-dip or cold-dip galvanized, Corten steel, stainless steel or aluminium, also painted upon request. Available in rolls, coils or flattened into sheets as required. Thanks to the evolution of the sector and its continuous innovation, the expanded sheet metal we now provide can be used to build steps and landings manufactured according to current regulations, ready to meet the most particular needs of the iron products market.

Our range of stainless steel and aluminium products are perfect to be employed in high-corrosion environments. Aluminium is a widely used product nowadays, thanks to its ductility and lightness.

Clamps are used for quick, on-site fabrication and carpentry because they don’t require material welding and allow the use of galvanized iron pipes. Since they are also galvanized, once installed, the work created does not have to undergo any further treatment.

We have several types of fencing mesh for delimiting and protecting your property: from classic diamond-mesh wire mesh to strong welded mesh. Available in both galvanized and plastic-coated versions, we can also provide t-posts, wires and all accessories required to complete the work.

Mainly used in the industrial sector, the stainless steel versions are also used in the naval and luxury yacht sector. Used extensively to build fences, bridges and pedestrian walkways. Also available galvanized or painted upon request.

We have both off-the-shelf and custom-made metalware, fixtures accessories and metal works from the most important companies working in the iron sector.

Drawn products and tempered steels are characterised by considerable corrosion resistance and durability. They are widely used in mechanical engineering and furniture. Drawn products guarantee high dimensional tolerances for precision mechanics.