Merchant bars and beams represent an important compartment of our company. Merchant bars are used in the realization of light and heavy works of carpentry, construction of small structures such as loft, canopy, warehouse and metallic structures. Bear and beam of different measures,realized by European and Italian producers – in S275, S355 quality and with different degree of resilience – are available. We can perform tailor-made cutting operations and, especially for beams, it is possible to ask for notching and drilling operations. On request, we can supply already galvanized or sandblasted products.

Merchant bars

Flat merchant bars

laminati-piatti   fratubi-home-laminati-piatti

Disponibili anche zincati

Square merchant bars

laminati-quadri   prodotti-siderurgici-laminati mercantili-quadri-fratubi

Disponibili anche zincati

Round merchant bars

lamianti-tondi  prodotti-siderurgici-laminati-mercantili-tondi-fratubi

Disponibili anche zincati

Angular merchant bars

laminati-angolari   prodotti-siderurgici-laminati mercantili-angolari-fratubi

Disponibili anche zincati

L-shaped merchant bars

laminati-L   prodotti-siderurgici-laminati mercantili-L-fratubi

Disponibili anche zincati

T-shaped merchant bars

laminati-t   prodotti-siderurgici-laminati mercantili-T-fratubi

Disponibili anche zincati

Special UPN and UPS merchant bars

laminati-ipn   prodotti-siderurgici-laminati mercantili-upn-fratubi

Disponibili anche zincati


Travi in ferro   Travi in ferro

Type of cut

Travi in ferro - schema   Travi in ferro - schema   Travi in ferro - schema   Travi in ferro - schema   tipologie di taglio